Let's Go

Songwriters: Aleksei Gusarov
Licenses: Jordan Agro
Warning. The release date for the track is June 16, 2023.

Jordan Agro released a new single "Let's Go" after a two-year break

Today, on June 16th, Russian DJ, sound producer and radio show host Jordan Agro presented his new single "Let's Go"! Listeners can already appreciate the fresh and exciting track in the Bass House genre. "Let's Go" is the artist's first release after two years, and he promises to surprise his fans with new music and energy.

This year, the musician returned to his fans again, presenting the new track on all music platforms, including Yandex Music and VKontakte. "Let's Go" is already available for listening.

"Working on 'Let's Go' was quite a long time and the long break between releases definitely allowed me to get as much into it as possible. The new single is a bright combination of different forms of "bass music" with elements of Deep House and Tech House, which will be a great soundtrack for this summer," comments Jordan Agro.

Jordan Agro is a Russian musician in the electronic genre who previously made his way as a model and was published in Vogue Italia. In 2020, the artist switched completely to music and his debut single "Tell Me" was the first step in his career. In 2021 he took part in The Outlaw Ocean Music Project, creating stunning compositions in collaboration with The New York Times journalist Ian Urbina. The mini-album "Another Modern Life" was coincided with the Netflix movie of the same name and was produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

In September of the same year Jordan Agro released the second single "Revolution" for "The Noam Chomsky Music Project". The author of the lyrics was the American philosopher Noam Chomsky, a professor of linguistics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And later the musician joined the AWAL label, owned by Sony Music Entertainment.