Songwriters: Sokolovskii Vsevolod
Licenses: SE:VER
Yesterday he was on the cover of Hello glossy, and today he's on the artist card of the underground label SE:VER. And already today the light will see the sparks of the electronic project VS20.

A singer, artist, dancer, composer and blogger named Vlad Sokolovsky is known throughout the country. His performance with his new electronic project thundered through the clear winter skies in the best clubs in the country and even at parties in Dubai and Bali. But northerners know very well that VS20 is not a sensation, but a planned path with successful releases and early performances, evidence of which has already brought the griffin and showed on the label's channel.

The symbolism of the fifth release SE:VER is that it is the first truly fully solo electronic track by VS20.

The merits and successes of the nationally famous artist can be listed for a long time, but they have nothing to do with the history of today. Today the artist is writing a completely different story on his way to worldwide success. Gryphon is proud of his flapping wings to propel the artist to the next stage. That synergy has created sparks, those sparks you'll feel tomorrow. Sparks.