Beach (Rendow Remix)

Songwriters: Валерий Майромян
Licenses: ИП Савельева Е.Б.
"I was born and raised by the sea and know all its shades and states. For most people the beach is a sunny day under palm trees by the water, the song "Beach" is a story about what happens at night: when the water changes into a dark blue dress, the stars illuminate the silhouettes and you dance with a girl you've just met, but from her eyes it seems like you've known each other for a thousand years and only now have found each other again." "The Beach" is almost a movie, with tape recordings of the sea, birdsong and the sounds of fire, all working like an augmented reality that takes you on a magical trip from start to finish. "It's just me here, just you and this beach. Follow me above the earth!" the performer urges, inviting every listener to plunge into this magical atmosphere.