Artists' FAQ

Why do Artists upload their music to TopHit?

1. TopHit MediaBase – 2,500+ radio stations and 80+ TV broadcasters worldwide

2. It saves both time & money. You simply upload your track to TopHit instead of contacting each radio station separately and / or  distribute song via email

3. It gives you  an unique chance to get your track tested by music editors from leading radio stations, as well as by record labels and fans 

4. TopHit is the best way to get your hit airplayed just within 1-2 days after track's placing on TopHit

5. TopHit provides up-to-date weekly airplay statistics including the name of radio stations air played the song, cities list, where fans had listening track to, exact on air time, total number of airplays etc

6. Artists are able to collect donations on TopHit 

7. A great way to introduce your hit to record label looks for new hits and emerging artists and to sign a contract with label 

8. An opportunity to participate in the Top Hit Music Awards ceremony which recognizes best artists, producers, songwriters  and labels who have created the best radio hits and music videos this year

To get started with TopHit, sign up as an Artist or a Label