7 Feb, 2024

Childish Gambino names Kanye West as his "G.O.A.T. Rapper"

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Childish Gambino names Kanye West as his "G.O.A.T. Rapper"

Childish Gambino still considers Kanye West the greatest rapper of all time, even if Ye’s behavior in recent years makes that pick controversial.

In a segment alongside his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star Maya Erskine, Donald Glover went over his favorites and least favorites in a variety of categories on a new episode of Complex’s GOAT Talk that was published on Tuesday (February 6).

When asked who his G.O.A.T. rapper is, he didn’t hesitate even a little before answering.

“To me? Kanye. To me,” he clarified. “I know that’s controversial, but I feel like we would not have any of the rappers we have now without him. That’s just for me.”

Watch the brief conversation at the 12:30 mark below:

While Kanye West might be his favorite rapper, many fans consider Childish Gambino theirs. Fortunately for them, his next album might be right around the corner. TMZ caught up with the rapper and actor as he was leaving a New York City hotel soon after Christmas, and he assured them that a new music project is currently in the works.

While he didn’t offer much information when asked what’s next for him, he replied: “Another album.” Upon being probed for an ETA, he responded: “Soon.”

Earlier that same month, he alluded to the pending release of something on the 10th anniversary of his sophomore effort, Because The Internet. In early December, the private Childish Gambino Instagram account posted a cryptic clip that featured what appeared to be cheering from a concert crowd plus the moving blueprints of a home with pillars and a fireplace.

Fans quickly pointed out that the graphics were from the he Deep Web Tour that Gambino embarked on to support Because the Internet, which left open a wide range of possibilities.

In an interview with Complex in October, Gambino spoke about the possibility of releasing new music while also noting that he was trying harder not be cryptic — the latter clearly hasn’t worked out.

“I feel like it’ll be clear sooner rather than later,” he said when asked about the prospect of new material dropping soon. “It’d be better for people to just tune in, I suppose.

“But I’m trying harder to not be cryptic. Tyler [The Creator] is always, like, ‘You’re so cryptic.’ But I’m like, ‘I’m really not.’ I just like suspense, I guess. I think it makes stuff better. But that’s just me.”

Source: HipHopDX

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